The longest running community for Filipino fans of AKB48, MNL48 and all of the sister and brother groups.

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FilWota48, a shortened term for Filipino Wotas 48, is an online community of Filipinos from around the world who are fans of the 48 and/or 46 groups. These include, but are not limited to, AKB48, MNL48, SKE48, SDN48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, BNK48, NGT48, Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, OJS48, etc).
Our goal is to spread and support the 48 idol fandom in the country, and help international fans appreciate our local 48 group.  We hope to achieve these goals by giving fans an avenue to support their favorite groups, keeping fans up-to-date on day-to-day news regarding the 48 universe, and maintain an online presence that is just as eager to make new memories as to share and give advice backed by a decade of experience.


Most of the activities of the community are currently done through our Facebook page. If you wish to go to where the action is, or want to contact the group, head over by clicking the button below.

Glimpse of what has happened so far

Group Founding 

October 9, 2009 was when it all began when a group of AKB48 fans gathered around to discuss the possibility of a local fanclub.  August 28, 2010 was when the group was made public via our Facebook page.

Classic Era

Distance did not stop the fan club from supporting the international groups of the 48 universe during this era. The main activity of the fan club was the FilWota48 forum.

Local Era

With MNL48 entering the picture, the fan club now had an additional way to show our support to the 48 groups, this time in a more direct way.  



of supporting the fandom through activities, updates, collaborations, representations, and much much more.



with members who were fans from the pre-debut era of AKB48 all the way to the present.



with local groups to help spread the fandom in the country.


Big Family

and an insane amount of experience and stories when it comes to the fandom.


Memories from the past that we proudly carry, hoping to create more memories for us to be proud of in the future.

Collaborations and Affiliations from as simple as giving advice and information, to staffing, organizing, managing, and sponsorship

Organizations, Companies, News Outlets, and Blogs:
MNL48, HHE, Manila Shimbun, World Cosplay Summit Philippines, Back2Gaming, AnimePH Project, Manila Bulletin, Keepsakes

Coslandia 2019, Toycon 2019, MIM, MNL48 1st Fan Meet, MNL48 1st Handshake Event

Other 48 Related Communities:
MOCCHII, Stage48, International48, Faiba, 48Fam Philippines United, Nihongogo, Amag Time

48 Group Related Dance, Singing, and Cosplay:
Pastel Mix, Seishun Kakumei, SGR48, WNK48, AOS48/49

Other Communities:
Starmarie Philippines, JaphDolls


Administrator, Co-Founder, Site Creator

Has been a fan of AKB48 since 2006. Speaks English, Filipino, and Japanese. Resides in the Philippines, and takes frequent trips to Japan for business purposes. You can contact him via his email, youko@filwota48.com, or through his Facebook account at @youkotemp.  

Administrator, Co-Founder

Has been a fan of AKB48 since 2007. Speaks English and Filipino. Works and lives in the Philippines. 

Administrator, Internet Media Operations, Logistics

Has been a fan of AKB48 since 2012. Speaks English and Filipino. Works and lives in the Philippines.


Has been a fan of AKB48 since 2012. Speaks English, Filipino, and Japanese. Works and lives in Japan. You can contact him via his Facebook account at @gokairedgoldmde.

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