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A brief history of the major happenings within the community

Community was conceptualized
  August 28, 2010
Kome48 Facebook page was created
  October 2010
Contest for the name of the community
A contest was held during the later weeks of October 2010 to determine what the official name of the community will be. Out of all the entries received, two (PhilWota48 and FilWota48) were chosen as the finalists and of which FilWota48 was chosen as the ultimate winner to represent not only Filipinos in the Philippines, but also Filipinos from all over the world.
  November 9, 2010
Acquisition of the domain and hosting contract
The domain name was acquired by WhiteKnight as part of a hosting contract with Creation of the forum commenced almost immediately.
  November 14, 2010
The forum first made public
With the forum tweaks completed and a generic skin with little customizations, the forum was first launched on November 14, 2010.
  November 9, 2012
Termination of hosting contract

Due to numerous problems encountered with visionwebhosting, the administrators decided to terminate the contract and move the site to a better hosting location. The main reasons for wanting to move the site were slow access, poor customer service, hours and hours of unexplained downtime that happened way too often, and the network getting hacked again and again forcing the administrators to manually get rid of malwares over and over and over again.

Moving to a new web hosting was supposed to be done just a week after the termination of the contract with the old hosting. If not for the resulting dispute over ownership of the domain name,, the site could have been back online just weeks or even days after it was taken down.

  January 9, 2013
The move to domain and a new hosting contract
While dispute over the domain ownership of continued, the administrators decided to proceed with the move to the new hosting service and deploy the site under a new domain. On January 9 of 2013, a new hosting contract with was purchased by Youko with the domain name Restoration of the forum commenced immediately after.
  January 12, 2013
Forum revival
3 days after purchasing the new domain and hosting package, the forum was restored with minimal data loss (around 3 days worth) and made available online.
  December 22, 2013
Re-acquisition of the domain
After an entire year of trying to get back our domain name from visionwebhosting, we were finally able to get back the domain after the holding period of the hosting expired. The forum was immediately reconfigured to use the domain instead of the domain, although both were still functional and redirected to the same page.
  January 9, 2015
Forum was taken down permanently
The forum was finally taken offline after 4.5 years. The administrators, however, announced that things will proceed normally with the Facebook page, meet-ups, and other community activities.
  November 7, 2015
Facebook Page becomes FilWota48
The main Facebook page of FilWota48 was changed to FilWota48 from Kome48. The URL of the page, however, was kept as
  November 7-8, 2015
FilWota48 interviews AKB48 Team 8
FilWota48 was one of the media partners for the Cool Japan Festival and was able to interview the 12 Team 8 girls from AKB48.
  January 12, 2016
FilWota48 Facebook Page changes URL
The URL of the Facebook page of FilWota48 was changed from to for consistency purposes.
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